Intro to Ballet Summer Workshop Schedule

Week One:  July 17-21  9-10a Monday-Friday     Week Two:  August 14-18  9-10a Monday-Friday

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ELE I, ELE II, INT, PPII, PPI and Adult Summer Schedule

Session One: July 10-28     Session Two:  August 7-25

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Upper School Only Elite Training

Session One:  July 31-August 4     Session Two:  August 28-September 1

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Our Curriculum


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The Modern Dance classes give the student the opportunity to train and explore movement derived from modern dance.  Students will be encouraged to express themselves in diverse choreography in modern and contemporary styles.  Based on the need for modern dance as a key component to a dancer's training, this class gives the dancer the requisite skills to meet the expectations of modern and ballet choreography.  The dancer is strengthened both physically and technically in their movement studies.  


Study of combining movement, music, and emotion at the same time. Class will include time signatures- how to count the music (4/4, 3/4, 6/8), learn to accent beats in different time signatures.  Learn about composers and styles of music.    

Make up Techniques 

Dancers will learn how to apply makeup for different roles and performances. Each week will have a different focus.  Open to Ele II and up.  

Musical Theater 

Class will include isolation, muscle control, musicality.  Focus is on learning different styles weekly with intention to present a showcase at the end of session.    

Choreography Exploration

A creative workshop designed to give students necessary rehearsal skills. Students will be exposed to different styles of movement, different tempos, and different artistic demands, all which challenge them to become versatile dancers.  

Choreography & Performance

Focus on all aspects of choreography to include music choice, costuming, explanation of movement.  Participants will have opportunities to perform and create.  In studio showing will conclude the program.

Pilates Mat

Pilates stresses economy of motion. The emphasis is on the quality of movement, not quantity.

Pilates elongates muscle as it strengthens and stretches. The result is tone, not bulk: long, slender legs, a flat stomach, narrow hips, and a strong back. Posture gains are visibly noticeable.

The foundation of the Pilates technique is to keep the body’s center "core" controlled and strong in order to protect the back. Breathing and abdominal support are essential in every movement sequence. Total conditioning, including hard to work muscles areas such as the back of the thigh, the inner thigh, and the backs of the arms, help to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. 

The program promotes total physical and mental discipline. Students learn to think of their bodies as a whole, instead of separate parts. By learning to integrate their mental and physical selves, students can take what they learn in Pilates into everyday life. After a few sessions, most people will feel an increased energy level; they start noticing changes in body shape and flexibility.