To purchase the required dress code, students may

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To All Classes:  

It is extremely important that the line of the body can be seen.  T-shirts, sweatpants, or any bulky clothing are PROHIBITED.  Any warm-up clothing should be taken off as soon as the body is sufficiently warmed.

Hair should be worn in the classic style, pulled back away from the face and neck.  If hair is long enough, it must be in a bun.  No ponytails. 

Jewelry, nail polish, or any distraction to the line of the body is PROHIBITED.


Upper School:  Students in the upper school may wear any style black leotard to class with either an alignment belt or listed skirt.  Shorts are prohibited.  It is required that the student own the required leotard for times when the company must look uniform, as indicated by the director.  Men are required to wear black tights and a white shirt.  

Lower School:  Students in the lower school must wear the required leotard to class with an alignment belt.  Shorts and skirts are prohibited.  Boys are required to wear black tights and a white shirt.


Appropriate level dress code. Clothes that are comfortable, but do not restrict movement.


Any leotard and standard fitted jazz pants. Boy cut shorts accepted. Jazz shoes, any color. For any performances, black shoes will be required.