Contact us at with your child's name, age, and any experience he or she may have, subject line: Prospective Student. We will respond with available placement class times. This first class allows our instructors to determine which level will nurture your dancer's artistic and technical needs. Thank you for your interest!  

Assessment Process

New dancers considered for training in the Upper School are required to take a placement class. An Assessment Fee of $50 is due prior to the placement class. This process includes both class and assessment discussion with Mrs. Avery, Director of Avery Ballet, afterwards. The family is encouraged to discuss the options and contact for registering within the following few days. Upon registering, $15 of the $50 Assessment Fee will be applied to Registration Fee.  

New dancers considered for training in the Lower School will go through an assessment that will take place during a designated class. After their first class we will determine the appropriate level. An Assessment Fee of $20 is due prior to the placement class. Upon registering, there will be a registration fee of $15 due.

It is imperative that the student and parent understand that levels vary largely from school to school and decisions regarding placements/promotions or pointe are made with the student’s physical and emotional well-being in mind first and foremost.


Please print and complete the following items for your first class  

Registration Form

A $15 registration fee will be applied for new students. 

Photography Permission Form

Etiquette Form

Dress Code

Traditional, classical attire is required of all of the dancers attending the school for training.